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About Vijay Thapa

Vijay Thapa

I am Vijay Thapa, a freelance Software Developer and Content Creator.

For the first time, I heard about the programming or Software Development when I joined my Bachelors in Information Technology in 2013.

While I was in college I learned programming languages like C#, PHP, Python and databases like MS SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, etc.

After completing my studies, I worked for a while in a company and also started making tutorials to share what I've learned.

Made multiple courses and published them on YouTube so that everyone can learn for FREE.

For a while I also taught web technologies to undergraduate students in one of the colleges.

Later, I joined Masters and completed Msc. IT Management recently (July, 2020).

Now, I'm continuing to share or teach to students all over the world via platforms like YouTube and Udemy.

Why I make Online Courses?

1. To Share what I have learnt make available to everyone at an affordable cost (mostly FREE).

2. I don't want you to suffer like me to learn programming languages

3. Have Fun: Share experiences with each other and learn.

Hope you will enjoy my courses and feel free to contact me if you've any suggestions for me.

Student Feedback on Vijay Thapa's Courses

Student Feedback on Vijay Thapa Courses


  1. I am Calvin from Uganda,

    I was following your tutorial about food order system and i was programing while following your videos but when i was writing how to delete an image and data,it failed to run and yet i followed correctly the way you were explaining.

    am a new developer having passion for web app,using php,python,java,javascript

    kindly help and you are good teacher.
    what can be the mistake and my email is [email protected] and my whatsap is 256778729158

    1. Hi @Calvin,
      Thank you so much for following the course.
      Hope it's helpful to you.
      Please email me at [email protected] with the screenshot of your error and code, so that I can check it.