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About Vijay Thapa

Vijay Thapa
Vijay Thapa

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to My Blog.

I am Vijay Thapa, a freelance web developer, software developer and graphic designer. I have created this blog with the aim of sharing knowledge on Information Technology like
  1. Software Development
  2. Web Design and Development
  3. Graphic Design
  4. PC Tricks
And i will be talking on technologies like
  1. C#
  2. MS SQL Server
  3. PHP & MySQL
  4. ASP .net
  5. HTML5 & CSS3, etc. 
Let's Share what we know and help each other.

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  1. I am Calvin from Uganda,

    I was following your tutorial about food order system and i was programing while following your videos but when i was writing how to delete an image and data,it failed to run and yet i followed correctly the way you were explaining.

    am a new developer having passion for web app,using php,python,java,javascript

    kindly help and you are good teacher.
    what can be the mistake and my email is [email protected] and my whatsap is 256778729158

    1. Hi @Calvin,
      Thank you so much for following the course.
      Hope it's helpful to you.
      Please email me at [email protected] with the screenshot of your error and code, so that I can check it.