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9. Designing Login Form in Visual Studio

This is the 9th episode of my tutorial series on "BILLING SYSTEM in C# and MS SQL SERVER". In this episode we will be designing a custom login form for our software in Microsoft Visual Studio.
This login form will have

  1. Textboxes for Entering Username and Password, Username will be entered in plain text where as Password will be wrapped up with unknown letter and won't be seen with naked eyes.
  2. Labels to show the form name on the top, and titles of the textboxes above them.
  3. Combobox, it is a drop down box which will have values for User Type, like User and Admin.
In the previous episode we have successfully added the SEARCH feature on our user module.

Now, Using this login form Users will be able to use secure system to store data related to the store. Based on user type it will open respective Dashboard, i.e. User Dashboard or Admin Dashboard.

From User Dashboard, Normal User will be able to purchase and sell goods for Department Store whereas Admin user will be able to manage users, products, categories and product stocks from Admin Dashboard.


It is tutorial series where we will be developing fully working software to manage department store. It will be able to manage inventory and keep track of the products. And it will also calculate and manage the purchase and sales record of the product.
In order to develop this application following tools have been used
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
  2. MS SQL Server 2014
Thus, the programming used to develop this application is C# with asp .net and MS SQL Server 2014 for database.

In the next episode we will be creating BLL (Business Logic Layer), DAL (Data Access Layer) and add actual functionality to login based on username, password and user type.

Thank you so much for reading this post.
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