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House Rental System Web Project [ HTML, CSS, and MS SQL Server ]

This complete project was developed as a college project [In 2017].

The main aim of this website is to list the houses for rent and the users looking for place to rent could find the details of the house or room.

The detail page shows the information like price, image and detail description of the house.

Similarly the admin user can manage the houses using simple admin panel.

They can easily add new house, update or delete the existing ones.

Technologies Used for Front -End


2. CSS

3. WOW Slider

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 Front End Tutorial to Create "House Rental System"

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Technologies Used for Back-End

1. Asp.Net

2. MS SQL Server Database

Documentation of the Complete Project


Science and Technology has changed this world into a small, secure and easy to manage every activities of the individual and organization. Everything is more secure, easy to use and easily accessible in this modern world. Thus, the use of house rental system is needed to manage, search and book the housing system easily. In order to give easy access to find the houses as per the users need, the web application has been developed in this documentation. And it includes all the detail information about the project respectively.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Literature Review

Chapter 3: Methodology Used

Chapter 4: System Analysis and Requirement Modeling

Chapter 5: System Design

Chapter 6: System Implementation

Chapter 7: Recommendations

Chapter 8: Conclusion


Rental house management has turned out to be critical figure current society subsequently the need a rental house administration system.

This section will give a short comprehension about foundation of study, meaning of the venture issue explanation, its destinations, scopes, extend support, dangers, extend deliverables and venture spending plan and calendar.


Housing has a focal significance to personal satisfaction with extensive financial, social, cultural and individual significance. In spite of the fact that a nation's national prosperity is usually measured in economic terms, increasing wealth is of diminished value unless all can share its benefits and if the growing wealth is not used to redress growing social deficiencies, one of which is housing. Housing assumes a tremendous part in rejuvenating monetary development in any nation, with safe house being among key markers of improvement.

“The universal declaration of human rights gives one of the basic human rights as the right to a decent standard of living, central to which is the access to adequate housing” (United Nations, The Human Rights-article 25, 1948).

“Housing as a basic human right demands that urban dwellers should have access to a decent housing, defined as one that provides a foundation for rather than being a barrier to good physical and mental health, personal development and fulfillment of life objectives” (Seedhouse, 1986).

The concentration of this exploration venture is essentially overseeing lodging for low pay, medium and high wages families or what is normally known as moderate lodging. „Affordable‟ is a term used to depict individuals‟ ability to pay for specific items or administrations in light of the fact that their wage is sufficient to do as such. In spite of the fact that the term „affordable housing‟ is frequently connected to rental lodging; that is inside the monetary methods for those in the lower pay scopes of a topographical range, the idea is pertinent to both center and high salary people. Most families lease houses in view of their salary and family circumstances; lamentably, there may not be sufficient great quality rental lodging for these families.

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