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23. Designing Form for Dealer and Customer Module

In the previous episode, we have successfully added a search feature in Product Module and completed the module.
From this episode, we will start our new Dealer/Customer Module for our BILLING AND INVENTORY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN C#. And we will design form for our Dealer/Customer Module.

Following tools will be used to design the form
1. Labels: It will be used to name the items before the Input Boxes.
2. Textboes: It will be used to input the values into our Product Module.
3. Combobox: It will be used to select either Dealer or Customer for our Billing and inventory Management System.
4. Buttons: It will be used to insert new Dealer/Customer in database, update and delete existing Dealer/Customer from database.
5. Data Grid View: It will be used to display all the Dealer/Customer from database.
6. Picture Box: It will be used as a close icon to close the Dealer Customer Form.

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