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Google's Grasshopper - Learn to code for FREE

Grasshopper - Learn to code for FREE on your Phone
Grasshopper - Learn to code for FREE on your Phone

Want to learn how to code?

Now, Google's Grasshopper will teach you how to code for free on your phone. Grasshopper is an app developed by Area 120 (Google's incubator for Employees) which is intended to teach programming for beginners who want to build websites.
This app will teach JavaScript in a fun way. As the app description says, "Grasshopper is the best way to start your coding adventure with fun, quick games on your phone that teach you to write real JavaScript. Move through progressively challenging levels as you develop your abilities, then graduate with fundamental programming skills for your next step as a coder." 

Some of the Best features of Grasshopper are

1. Fits in your pocket, and your lifestyle. You don't need a fancy laptop or a lecture hall to write code. You've already got a supercomputer in your pocket! So fire up your smartphone, and start coding during that commercial break, or your evening commute.
2. Focuses on doing, not just reading. The best way to learn to code is to actually write code. That's why Grasshopper goes straight to coding real stuff, not watching hours of videos or learning syntax. You're writing real JavaScript from the very first lesson.
3. Finds the approach that fits you best. One size doesn't fit all. Not when it comes to pants (even the stretchy ones), and definitely not when it comes to coding. So Grasshopper lets you explore different lessons, and provides just-in-time feedback to guide you along the way.

Link to download this app is as follows

For Android: Download Here
For iOS: Download Here

Sources: Google Play Store, Apple Store Preview

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