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Data Visualization with Microsoft Excel

Data Visualization with MS Excel
Data Visualization with MS Excel

In this tutorial, You'll learn about the Data Visualization and Its importance either in daily life or for business.
And you'll also learn to do data visualization using Microsoft Excel and create bar charts, pie charts and line chart using Pivot Table (Feature of MS Excel).

"Over the period of time you collect data from different sources for different purposes. The data might be in excel or registers. And from this data it''s very difficult to find the trends and patterns that is important for decision making. It is also difficult to read the plain data until it's converted into information."

Thus, using the data analysis techniques and representing data in a graphical format makes easier to understand by everyone (managers, shareholders, decision makers). And the process of representing data in graphical form (charts, graphs, pie charts) is known as Data Visualization.

Data Visualization is important because

1. It converts data into information
2. Data is presented in graphical form which is easier to understand by everyone
3. Helps to identify patterns and trends.
4. Helps in Better Decision Making

Download the Data Here: