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Payoneer Address Verification Easy Method [ With Proof ]

Payoneer - Easy Address Verification

So, you're also either having a problem on verifying address on your Payoneer or want to start freelancing and looking for a good international payment method.

Don't worry I'll tell you the trick that I've learned the hard way to verify my Payoneer account.

First, Let's discuss why I needed a Payoneer Account?

As a Content Creator, I've creating Free Courses on Software Development, Web Design and Databases on YouTube (20,000+ Subs).

Now I wanted to repurpose my courses and publish them on Udemy and other E-Learning Sites. So I added my videos on Udemy and tried to make them Free.

But On Udemy only the courses less than 2 hours long could be made Free.

And since my courses were more than 2 hours long I had to make them paid. And to do that I needed to add payment method (either PayPal or Payoneer).

PayPal was still not available in Nepal, So I decided to go with Payoneer and created an account. And I was also surprised to see that I could withdraw amounts directly to our Nepali Banks as well.

So I connected may Payoneer account with Udemy and published the courses.

After couple of months I even started receiving amounts from Udemy to my Payoneer Account.

But It was not showing in my Payoneer dashboard.

Later on inspecting I found out that I need to verify my location and the amount will be only available in my account after the verification is done. 

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How did I verify my Address for Payoneer? 

If you look on official Payoneer website, there are couple of ways to verify your address

1. Bank Document (Statement)

2. Utility Bill (Electricity, Water, Internet, etc.)

And you might think it's pretty easy verify the address but not in third world country like Nepal. 

Because we don't have accurate house numbers, no rental agreements for residence, not getting bills on tenants name, etc.

So, as anyone else First I tried with Bank Document (Statement).

I opened my banks mobile app and generated statement from it and then submitted.

But unfortunately it was rejected saying that it did not have complete address.

Then I decided to go to bank and get one from them.

After a week I got the physical copy of my statement and scanned it and submitted it again

Again I was rejected with the same reason (Not Complete Address).

Now, I Decided to go with Utility Bill

Since I was renting a place I did not get the electricity and water bill on my own name. So I decided to go with Internet Bill which was the only bill I got on my name.

Thus I generated the electronic bill and submitted.

And Again I was rejected.

By now I was frustrated and ready to give up.

But before giving up I wanted to make one last method

Which was talking with Payoneer Customer Care.

And for this I chose Live Chat Option. 

You will have to login to your Payoneer Account and go to the link below

Now, you'll need to select a Category.

You can select "My Account" and nearest sub category as well.

Then add the subject for the communication and Submit.

In a moment, someone will get in touch with you on a Live Chat.

Here you can tell your problem and ask for suggestions to fix it.

This is how my chat went which verified my address and I started getting paid.

And after couple of hours I received my payment that stuck due to Payment Verification

So, If you be humble and talk with the representative politely, they'll help you to fix it.

By the way, I had to talk like this for about 3 -4 different times with different representative.

So don't lose hope if you get rejected on first time. Just try to explain your problem genuinely and humbly.