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Department Store Management System College Project for Free

Department Store Management System
Department Store Management System

This is simple desktop based Department Store Management System build as a college project in Second Semester. It is a desktop application developed using C# and MSSQL Server in Event Driven Programming topic.

Three-tier architecture in Software Engineering has been implemented in this project. The different tiers of this programming patterns are as follows

A. Business Logic Layer (BLL)

In this layer different classes are created for every different modules and all the getters & setters required for related module is created inside the respective class.

B. Data Access Layer (DAL)

Here, different classes are created for different modules and CRUD operations are performed in this tier i.e. Operations like Getting Data from UI and Manipulating data in data base like Select, Insert, Update and Delete is managed using this tier.

C. Presentation Layer or UI

All the front end forms for the application are designed and kept in this layer.


Some of the major features of this application are as follows

  1. Add, Update and Delete Users
  2. Add, Update and Delete Product Categories
  3. Add, Update and Delete Products
  4. Sell/Purchase Products and Generate Receipt
  5. Increase or Decrease the Product Quantity based on Purchase or Sales
  6. Assign Roles to the Users (Admin or Normal User)

Instructions to Use

In order to use this application, follow the instructions below
  1. Download the project from github (CLICK HERE to DOWNLOAD)
  2. Extract folder
  3. Restore Database using Database.bak file
  4. Now open the Bug Tracking Solution file in Visual Studio and Connect the Database

Click Here to Download

Note: This project is for educational purpose only, and feel free to customize & use as per your need. But I do not encourage any students to submit this project as their own.