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Free Website Template for Travel Agencies

Free Website Template for Travel Agencies
Free Website Template for Travel Agencies

About Template

Template Name: Clean Travel Agency
Designer: Vijay Thapa

This website template is designed to meet your organizational aims and objectives.

It was designed following the Design Principles like

a. Visual hierarchy
b. Gestalt Design Law and
c. White Space and Clean Design


1. Top Header Section

Header and Slider Section
Header and Slider Section

a. Logo of the Company/Organization lies on the Left
b. Office Time, Contact Information and Primary Call to Action (CTA) button lies on the right

2. Primary Menu Section

a. Primary menus to the different sections of the website lies on the left side.
b. Icons for the different social media pages lies on the right.

3. Full Width Image Slider

Title of the slider images with short description and Call to Action (CTA) button.

4. Activities Section 

Activities Section
Activities Section

Overlapping the slider, lies different activities (Trekking, Rafting, Flying on Hot Air Balloon, etc.) box.

There are 3 boxes in a row. And each box contains an image, title over the image and has a growing (expanding) effect on hover.

At the end of the section, lies a clickable text link (Other Activities) which takes visitor to another page with more activities to explore.

5. Fixed Departures Section 

Fixed Departure Section

Fixed Departure Section
Fixed Departure Section

This sections starts with a big-bold title (FIXED DEPARTURES) in h2 tag.
Followed by the section title, lies two upcoming fixed departures one after another.

Each departure box contains a large image on the left occupying 50% of the space. And on the right side lies Title of the Fixed Departure wrapped in h3 tag and a review counter in a small text.

Below the title section, it displays a paragraph about the fixed departure and has a Call To Action (CTA) button below it, which takes visitor to the detail of the Fixed Departures when clicked.

And at the end of the section lies a clickable link text, which takes to the page which displays all the Fixed Departures.

6. Our Courses Section

Courses Section
Courses Section

"OUR COURSES" in big-bold title starts this section. Below the title lies 2 different course boxes in a row.

Each Course Box contains a large image at the top, then a smaller box with white background displaying the title of the course, course start date  and a Call To Action (CTA) button which takes visitor to Enroll Page.

The CTA button has border and a text only, but on hover its background gets filled with a solid color.
Below the courses lies a clickable link text 'More Courses', which will take the visitor to the page displaying all available courses.

7. Newsletter Signup Section 

Subscribe to Newsletter Section
Subscribe to Newsletter Section

This section is designed to convert visitors into leads by collecting their email address. And these emails can e used later for marketing of selling products, services or sharing informations.

Here, a fixed and full screen size image is used as a background. Big header attracts visitor to enter their email.
It also has short description that describes about the benefits of signing up. And at last it has an email input field to enter email and a button to submit.

8. Featured Treks Section

Featured Treks Section
Featured Treks Section

In this section, featured treks are displayed in a row. And each row contains 4 featured treks.
The large title wrapped in h2 tags "Treks You Must Explore" clearly describes about the section.

Each trek has a large image, and the trek title and the price for the trek is displayed side by side, just below the image. And the container for each trek are clickable and will display full detail of the trek in another page when clicked.

9. Footer Section

Footer and Last Footer Section
Footer and Last Footer Section

This footer section has 3 different columns.

First Column displays the contact information of the organization.

Second Column displays the information of the most popular treks.

And the Third Column displays the quick links to the most important pages of the website (About, FAQs, Privacy Policy, etc.) which might not be displayed on primary menu. And also has a Call To Action (CTA) button (can be Contact or Buy or Register button).

10. Last Footer Section

This is the last section of the website. It displays the informations like copyright and the developers of the website.

Technologies Used

1. Bootstrap
2. HTML5
3. CSS3
4. Font Awesome

This is a single page demo design . If you like this design and found the information helpful, then don't forget to SHARE it with your loved ones.

And if you want me to design the full website, then you can email me at [email protected]

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