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How to make Food Ordering Website?

Food Order Website - PHP and MySQL - Vijay Thapa

After this COVID pandemic, all the business have been hard. And food or restaurant business is one of them. 

No one was allowed to visit and enjoy the food at restaurant. Even after the  rules are been eased and people can go out now with safety protocols, still people hesitate to visit out.

So, the food business is moving to Digital Platform, where customers can order from home via electronic devices (mobile, laptop and tablets) and internet connection.

And the restaurant or any food order business delivers the requested food order to the doors of the customers.

But it can be really expensive to create a Food Ordering System to a severely affected food/restaurant business.

Also for a developer it can be useful to earn an income by helping the business to set up a Food Ordering System.

So, In this article I'll teach you Step by Step to Create Food Order Website for FREE.

If you're a Food Business or an aspiring developer, then this article will be beneficial for you.

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Let's Create Food Ordering Website Step by Step

A. Designing Awesome Website for Restaurant Business using HTML and CSS

B. Creating Content Management System (Admin Panel) and making the website functional

Simply, Content Management System is an Admin Dashboard protected with Username and Password. Only authenticated users can access this panel.

And from this panel, an Admin can Create new Categories or Foods, Update or Delete Existing Ones.

They can also manage the Order submitted by the customers and can also track the food delivery status.

Similarly a Home Dashboard also shows the summary of total foods, total categories, total orders, revenue generated, etc.

So, let's begin creating this Content Management System or Admin panel for our Food Order Website using PHP programming language and MySQL Database.

1. Importing Website Design and Creating Database

2. Add and Display Admins

3. Update/Delete Admin and Change Admin Password

4. Login - Authentication and Access Control - Authorization

5. Add and Display Category

6. Delete and Update Category

7. Add and Display Foods

8. Delete and Update Food

9. Connecting Front-End and Back-End

10. Search Foods and Display Foods by Category

11. Order Food by Customer and Manage Foods by Admin

12. Creating Summary Dashboard for Admin

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