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How to Create Task Manager App?

Task Manager Web App with PHP and MySQL by Vijay Thapa

Trying to find a course or a tutor to learn any programming language or a technical course is daunting task.

Though there are lots of resources available for FREE, it's really difficult to self-motivate and start the learning process.

And it's based on my own experience.

For me, learning any programming language was easier by doing a project.

It doesn't matter how good you're in theory, if you can't make a real world project out of your knowledge.

But if you start doing real projects with the knowledge you currently have, you'll develop the necessary skills and knowledge as your projects start to be big and complex.

So, with the intention of Making the Learning Fun, Here's a PHP Course for Beginners where you'll create a TASK MANAGER App.

What is Task Manager App?

Whether in a daily life or in a workplace, you've lots of tasks throughout the day. It's easier to miss a task on a busy day. And sometimes it becomes horrible when we miss the most important task of the day.

So, TASK MANAGER is a simple web app where You can Manage Tasks, group them by Categories, set the Priority and Deadline.

And in this course, you will create your own Task Manager App Step-by-Step with PHP programming language and MySQL Database.

What is in a Task Manager App?

In this tutorial, we will be creating a web app which will have Lists and Tasks.

Simply Lists can be called as categories like To Do, Doing, Done, Review, etc.

And Tasks will be assigned on these Lists.

In this application You will be able to

  1. Manage Lists (Create/Update/Delete)
  2. Manage Tasks (Create/Update/Delete)
  3. Display Lists on Menu
  4. View Tasks and Sort by Lists

Technologies Used in this project

  1. Core PHP (Procedural)
  2. MySQL Database
  3. HTML
  4. CSS

Step by Step Tutorials

1. Design Homepage and Manage Lists Page

2. Insert and Display Lists

3. Update and Delete List

4. Insert and Display Tasks

5. Update and Delete Task

6. Add Lists on Menu and Display Tasks by List

7. Adding CSS in our Project to make it more Beautiful

Thank you so much for reading the article till the end.

Get Source Code [button_warning]

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